About Me


I have been working as an illustrator/designer in the advertising industry for many years now, in fact when I started most things were done by hand including the projection of 3D views from plans or engineers drawings, and of course then the adding of colour with either airbrush or markers, the two main areas that I specialised in.

After purchasing my first computer over 20 years ago I started playing with 3D models and digital imaging. With a background in design, art direction, photo direction, illustration, model/prop making etc I found the transition to computer generated (CG) 3D modelling was an obvious progression as all the same ‘skills’ are required to produce final images for promotional use. That combined with the ongoing desire to produce ever higher quality work, and to fullfil my clients requirements, has made this a rewarding journey for me.

CG 3D models/illustrations offer much more flexibility when it comes to turning an idea into a usable image. For the client it means a ‘photo’ of something that due to circumstances may not even exist yet, and particularly with CG 3D models there is the added provision of multiple views or even animation.